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Who we are


Bethel Presbyterian Church, "A Small Church With A Big Vision"' was founded and organized in 1884 to create an opportunity for African Americans to develop their talents for leadership and participate in doing the work of Jesus Christ. It's mission is to allow the Holy Spirit to call people to a Life of Faith in Jesus Christ, to become part of His body, which is the church and to share the church's ministry utilizing the talents and gifts that God has given each person. To achieve theses goals, Bethel seeks to promote the spiritual growth of each member from preschooler to Senior Citizen through Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Bible Study, Leadership Training, The Preached Word, and Ministries growing out of the needs of the congregation and community.


Corporate Worship Life

Bethel Presbyterian Church Sunday worship is filled with spirit, song, and fellowship. Bethel's services have changed over the years.

The Music & Worship Committee is in charge of organizing a Liturgist schedule for the year. Each member and friend of Bethel is invited to act as the leader and assist the Pastor during a Sunday Service. These duties include leading the Call to Worship, Responsive and Scriptural Readings and all other Corporate prayers included in our Order of Service.


Join Us!

 We are a close-knit church family that always welcomes new faces. Or, as our pastor often says, “we love company here at Bethel Presbyterian Church!” We also hope that those who have joined us for worship or other activities might feel called to become members of our family. 

About Us

Our Church

Bethel Presbyterian Church was officially organized as a Chapel on November 23,1884 although its little group of founders had been meeting for worship service as early as 1880. The concept of Bethel Church was started in the home of the late Mrs. Lucretia Johnson.

Since January 2012, Pastor Jonathan Williams has been serving as Covenant -Pastor. Bethel has continued to grow, and today we celebrate 133 years In the Master's Service 

Monthly Celebrations

At the end of each month, we have a birthday party for all the members with birthdays in that month.

New York City Trip

Our Church had an excellent trip to go see Aurelia, a daughter of one of our members, perform as Asaka in the Broadway Musical called Once on this Island. It was an excellent performance and a must-see. All of the actors and actresses were simply phenomenal! 

Congratulations to all of the members of the production Once On This Island  for your Tony nomination!

A similar performance was done at our church. Here is Aurelia singing.


Meet Our Pastor

Jonathan Williams

Jonathan Williams has been a Presbyterian since birth; grew up in the Presbyterian Church in Jamaica and was an Elder by the age of eighteen at the Webster Memorial Presbyterian Church in Kingston. He served on various committees and was chairperson of the Youth Committee. Under his direction, he formed a Boys Brigade movement in the Presbyterian churches in Jamaica.

Jonathan has felt a call to preach the Word for most of his adult life. While he was still in Jamaica, he attended the Jamaican Theological Seminary in 1974-1976 in the Divinity Program. 

After migrating to the United States in the 1970s, he became active in the Hillside and Valley Presbyterian Church in Orange, and then later in the United Presbyterian Church in Plainfield. In 1986 Jonathan received an Outstanding Elder award from the Newark Presbytery,

It was at United that Jonathan began to have more frequent opportunities to preach. He was encouraged in this by his late pastor, Rev. Sylvester Shannon and has now preached from 2004 to the present. He has also preached at a few other churches, including Christ Church in Martinsville, New Jersey, Oak Tree Presbyterian Church in Edison, New Jersey and the Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church in Pennsylvania.

On May 5, 2007, Jonathan graduated in Theological Studies from New Brunswick Theological Seminary. 

In 2009, Jonathan successfully attended and graduated from Auburn Theological Seminary Practice of Presbyterian Ministry Polity and Its Theological Foundations.

On June 28, 2011, Jonathan was approved unanimously by the Committee of Ministry of the Presbytery in Elizabeth as a Lay Pastor and received his first covenant with the United Presbyterian Church of Plainfield. 

And on January 2012, Jonathan was called to be Pastor at Bethel Presbyterian Church.

Jonathan Williams is called by God to preach the gospel and he has the gifts that pertain to his effectiveness as a preacher. He is a Christian who loves God and loves to serve him believing that God called some of us to be evangelists, some to be pastors, others to be teachers for the perfecting of the saints; for the work of the ministry; and some for the edifying of the body of Christ. Jonathan believes that his main purpose is to serve God and to do his Will.


Services the Church Provides


The Prayers of the People has become an uplifting part of our service, giving members and friends the opportunity to lift their joys and concerns. This is also the time we join together as a body and allows members time to come forward for prayer or for personal rededication.

We end our service with a Moment of Silent Reflection, so that we can center ourselves on the Word before leaving our "sanctuary" to rejoin the "World".

The church provides several special services during the year such as Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Women's Day, Men's Day, Youth Day.

We also celebrate the Church calendar holidays of Palm Sunday, Easter, Advent Season and Christmas and other special days.

This year we will celebrate our "133 Years of Service to the Lord" with our "133th Celebration".

More details of this activity and mass times are soon to be listed. 


Above is Minister Williams in his apron serving the Mothers of our Church. The Men cooked sausage, fruit, grits, and waffles. Everything was delicious and the service was truly a great event.

Church Rental Space Available

Additional Information

Bethel Presbyterian Church has rental space available for a church or could be used as a meeting place for organizations. There is an opportunity for space in the basement and on main floor. Great looking church with possibility for a small or large office, or you may be interested in renting the church as a church! Whatever is your need, come see our space, it may be perfect for church or organization. Utilities included in rental.


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